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making your place feel like your dream home 212x300 - MAKING YOUR PLACE FEEL LIKE YOUR DREAM HOME

Moving home can be pretty daunting. The most important thing? Making your new place feel like your dream home.

Being in a new place means meeting new people and exploring a new neighbourhood. Therefore, the idea of not only unpacking multiple boxes but also making sure your house is set up to look like its model home can be extremely overwhelming.  There’s the task of unpacking the boxes. Then, there’s the task of actually decorating.

Our Homemaker Team not only leave you fully unpacked, but they also liaise carefully with you to ensure that your house is presented perfectly.

Here are examples of the actions we take in order to decorate your home flawlessly:

  • Colour-coding your wardrobe

We colour code your wardrobe in your closet, making it simple to find the clothing you’re looking for and create order to your hanging and folded clothing that is intensely pleasing to the eye.

  • Following the rule of odd numbers

As some of you may be aware, odd numbers create visual interest. That’s why our Homemaker team arrange ornaments and objects to achieve a room that functions and flows. Whether you have candles, framed photos, apothecary jars or books, we use odd numbers when grouping and ensure size and shape mimic each other, creating an integrated look.

Want to make your place feel like your dream home? Need look no further. Contact the Organisers® HomeMaker® today on +44(0)2070787554 or email homemaker@theorganisers.com to achieve a beautifully arranged home.